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Time Will Reveal by Natasha Brooks (Blog series from the upcoming book: Love Is Just A State of Mind)

TITLE: Time Will Reveal

AUTHOR: Natasha Brooks

GENRE: Erotic Romance

ABOUT THE STORY: Time Will Reveal is part of the upcoming book: Love is Just a State of Mind (Desperate Housewives Stories of Love). Marie wanted to leave the confines of her little town and live a life filled with more fun, achievements and adventure. So she decided that a few months after her high school graduation she would hop onto a bus, landed in an entirely different city, attended college, started a business, married a man she didn’t love and had never for once looked back. That was until she received an invitation to attend her high school reunion This would stir up old memories from the past that she left behind. Would she rekindle a love with her old high school sweetheart Thomas? Only time will Reveal.


Marie Stafford extremely craved for a drink. She hadn’t had a taste of alcohol in five years but her hard-earned sobriety was about to go down the drain if she didn’t stop thinking about Thomas Smithfield.


He was her high school sweetheart. They had known each other for two years and Marie remembered how happy and adventurous she had been the entire time. He was a cheerful one, and also had a body, silky smooth hair and a smile that many of the high school girls melted over. She had been lucky to be the one to date him, despite that she had been awfully simple and uncharismatic as a teenager. He loved her. Thomas did.

She could still remember the way his deep brown stared into hers with promises and the tight clutch of their fingers when they attended prom nights. He had kissed her under the mistletoe the eve of New Year and had told her she meant the entire world to him. He also told her he would do anything just to make sure they lived their adult lives together. His serious tone had convinced her that she loved him too. She had held his hand and silently followed him home. On his bed, tinder lights from candles simmering around the room, she had happily let him deflower her. He had slowly undressed her, his fingers gently tracing the edges of her skin until finally; he cupped her peach-shaped breasts in his palms and smashed his lips against hers.

She had been breathless. She could still remember how she had cuddled close to him, wanting more than his touch craving far more than a kiss. When his hands had left her breasts to trace lines around her abdomen and then through the edges of her clit, her entire body had gone amok. Her heart raced fast, her muscles clench in anxiety while her lips parted to moan his name. “Thomas. Oh Thomas”

Marie could still remember the most graceful moment of that night. It was when he had inched back to pull down his shorts and had positioned himself between her thighs. Instead of the typical pain she had read about in novels, what she had felt was purely insane pleasure. He had filled her entire hole with his boyish cock. He penetrated gently and had begun a movement that rendered her abruptly breathless and elated.

When they both climaxed, she had buried her fingernails into his shoulders, clinging to him and hoping to never let him go. It had been a magical night. He had been the first man to ever make love to her and God, didn’t he do the job perfectly! He had muttered soothing words into her ears as they both drifted off to sleep. He had been an angel. Thomas had promised to never leave her and he never did. Surprisingly, she had been the one to destroy the entire relationship. A year later, she wanted to see the world. She wanted to leave the confines of their little town and live a life filled with more fun, achievements and adventure. So, she had left him. She had hopped into a bus, landed in an entirely different city a day later, attended college, started a business, married a man she didn’t love and had never for once looked back.

She thought she would constantly never look back until the invitation came four hours ago. Her high school was having a reunion and Thomas Smithfield would certainly be there.


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