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Time Will Reveal by Natasha Brooks (Blog series from the upcoming book: Love Is Just A State of Mind) part 4

TITLE: Time Will Reveal (PART FOUR)

AUTHOR: Natasha Brooks

GENRE: Erotic Romance

ABOUT THE STORY: Time Will Reveal is part of the upcoming book: Love is Just a State of Mind (Desperate Housewives Stories of Love). Marie wanted to leave the confines of her little town and live a life filled with more fun, achievements and adventure. So she decided that a few months after her high school graduation she would hop onto a bus, landed in an entirely different city, attended college, started a business, married a man she didn’t love and had never for once looked back. That was until she received an invitation to attend her high school reunion This would stir up old memories from the past that she left behind. Would she rekindle a love with her old high school sweetheart Thomas? Only time will Reveal.

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It was obvious that he felt both elated and nervous to see her too. For a second, he said nothing. He only stared at her while she felt an unusual excitement coursing through the middle of her thighs. Finally, when he stepped towards her, smiling mischievously, Marie cursed under her breath, wondering why her nipples had chosen that period to become taut. She could feel them hardening underneath her bra and forcibly piercing through the fabric to become visible dots on her dress.

“Indeed, it has been too long. Almost a life time” He told her. “I almost thought I wouldn’t recognize you.”

Marie blinked twice. She hadn’t thought he would even look forward to recognizing her.

“You knew I was going to be here?” She asked him.

“More like I look forward for over a week to meeting you here.” He replied her with a grunt.

He was too blunt and it made her more breathless. She stared at him as he finally closed the distance between them and held her hand.

“It feels so good to see you, Marie.” He whispered. “How have you been?”

Marie was unable to mutter a word. She only stared into his eyes and reminisced on the hours she had spent, thinking about all the sex they had had. She had thought ceaselessly about those eyes. She had thought about his hands on her body. She had thought about his cock – she had thought about every damn thing that could get her body to react exactly the way it did currently as he held her hand.

“How have I been?” She finally muttered under her breath. “Alive and well.”

“Glad to hear that.” He said.

“I found the life I craved so much when I left for college.” She told him. “I began my own firm and got married too.”

“Oh great!” He said.

With every response that came from him, his head inched lower towards her while his warm breath settled on her face. She willed herself to step away from him but her body wouldn’t listen. Eventually, unable to do anything else, Marie blurted out the rippling emotions in her heart.

“I have everything I ever dreamed of.” She told him. “But I suddenly am not happy. I don’t have you. I have thought of you in the past, one week more than I have thought about you. It's been too!”

He paused and for a moment, she thought she had said too much. A furrow appeared over his forehead while his hands slowly fell on her waist.

“Great then.” He finally whispered. “It means I haven’t been the only insane one in the past two weeks.”

His lips smashed against hers before she could figure out what he meant.


This is just one of the stories in the LOVE IS JUST A STATE OF MIND short stories collection. Coming soon.

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