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Time Will Reveal by Natasha Brooks (Blog series from the upcoming book: Love Is Just A State of Mind) part 3

TITLE: Time Will Reveal (PART Three)

AUTHOR: Natasha Brooks

GENRE: Erotic Romance

ABOUT THE STORY: Time Will Reveal is part of the upcoming book: Love is Just a State of Mind (Desperate Housewives Stories of Love). Marie wanted to leave the confines of her little town and live a life filled with more fun, achievements and adventure. So she decided that a few months after her high school graduation she would hop onto a bus, landed in an entirely different city, attended college, started a business, married a man she didn’t love and had never for once looked back. That was until she received an invitation to attend her high school reunion This would stir up old memories from the past that she left behind. Would she rekindle a love with her old high school sweetheart Thomas? Only time will Reveal.

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The school reunion had been scheduled for a weekend. As soon as it was Friday, Marie had spent her entire morning to tie up loose ends at work so she could be on the road as early as six the next morning without having to worry about anything.

She had looked forward to the reunion the entire week. She had also looked forward to seeing Thomas – so much that she had spent every evening, sitting dreamily on her porch while she thought about him.

She tried as much as possible not to think about him as she drove to the school. It was a four-hours drive and throughout the entire time, she distracted herself with the thoughts of the changes everyone probably could have gone through. She had read in the paper that Tammy Martin, her onetime high school friend, had married twice and was currently living an exotic lifestyle as an “urban fashionista” – whatever that was.

Chang Lee, the only Asian-American in class at the time and also the only boy that was constantly ridiculed because of his chubby cheeks and thick brown skin, had also gone through unbelievable transformations. There were various adult magazines that had his totally enthralling nude picture on its front cover; in a nutshell, Chang had worked out for over six years, building a perfect mouthwatering masculine figure.

Marie certainly couldn’t think about them all. She was glad a few more thoughts crossed her mind though before she finally drove her car into the large compound of the school, a feeling of nostalgia instantly washing over her. For a second, after she parked in front of the school hall, she let her eyes trail over the old walls of the hall, on the numerous cars in the compound and of course, on some of the guests that had arrived exactly the same time that she did.

Deciding that she probably wouldn’t recognize any of them, she stared into her reflection in the rearview mirror and quickly adjusted her makeup. By the time she stepped out of the car, more cars had driven into the compound and some guests were already walking up the walkway into the hall. She quickly strode alongside them, donning a civil smile. Some of the women waved at her and she quickly waved back, trying fervently to remember their names before they interacted inside the hall.

Luckily, no one really approached her to talk to her before she stepped into the hall. As soon as she walked through the large doors, Marie couldn’t be gladder that she had chosen one of her prettiest short dresses which fitted against her slim waist, thick thighs and average bust. Her long smooth legs easily stood out from under the dress while her feet were beautifully clasped inside her color-matching shoes.


Oh God. Not him. Not him. Not now!

Marie couldn’t breathe. She hadn’t even taken six steps into the hall before everything she had hoped for happened. Her body froze as his strong voice came up behind her. She could hear the echo of his footsteps too as he slowly inched closer behind her. For a second, she hoped that he wasn’t real and his sudden appearance had been a figment of her repressed imagination.

“Marie! It is really you!”

She closed her eyes as it became more obvious that it was really him. Heaving a sigh, she finally turned to look at him while her teeth nervously dug into her lips. “Hello, Thomas.” She managed to whisper. “It has been how long – over ten years?”


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The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine

With lots of love and dedication, Bare Back Magazine delivers to you the very best erotic fiction and poetry for your sensual pleasure and erotic reading delight. These stories and poems explore it all, taking you to exotic places from the southern comforts of New Orleans to the bright lights and high towers of New York City and all places in between. You’ll meet some very naughty housewives, experience deliciously intense group encounters and explore love on the internet. Among the stories in this collection, there will also be an unforgettable masquerade for your reading pleasure. We’ll add a dabble of flavor, as we tempt your taste buds in very steamy erotic encounters. These scorching hot short stories will stimulate a variety of intense moods for you, the reader.

The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine features new stories and poems from both up-and-coming and popular writers like Peter Baltensperger, David Hornbuckle, Gianni Shamari, M. Earl Smith, Lane Pierce, Tonia Mansfield, Natasha Brooks, Jerrell Khalil Smith, Jillian Kander, Javier Rokusaburo, Jake Kaida, Bob McNeil, Robyn Alezanders and many more; this joyful celebration of erotic stories and poetry is deliciously sexy, sophisticated, and insanely addicting.

Bare Back Magazine was founded by Editor-in-Chief, Natasha Brooks in September 2005; the first issue was published online in November of the same year. With the help of many talented writers, editors and contributors, Bare Back Magazine has become one of the premier ezines on the web, featuring erotic fiction, poetry, articles and art that explore the diverse spectrum of erotica. Over the years, we have published the works of writers and artists from all over the world.

It has been an incredible ten years. We will continue to celebrate erotica and the talents of all erotic writers and artists by publishing erotica of all genres, celebrating erotic diversity and all of the reflections of erotica.

WARNING - This book contains steamy romance scenes and is not suitable for all ages. 

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