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Book Excerpt: Girl Within Girl Book 2: Healing by S.P. Aruna


My name is Sean Paisley, and I'm a psychiatrist, a profession that for many is somewhat off-putting. When I embarked upon my career, I never thought about its horrible history, only about what good I could do. I guess it must have been fate that assigned me to the Gottlieb Memorial Institute right after my internship. Not only did it serve as a reminder that being an expert of the human mind has the potential for harm, but it taught me a life lesson I'll never forget. What made matters worse, I did something stupid. I fell in love with one of the nurses there. Falling in love is not something that anyone could rationally explain, even I as a doctor of the psyche. I mean it was clearly a no-no to have those feelings for a co-worker, given the usual complications. But in our case it was much more serious than that. Of course there was no way for me to know. Actually, I didn't know anything about her, and that's what makes me wonder how I got into this mess.

They say that falling in love has a lot to do with pheromones, these odorless chemicals people give off which you cannot actually smell, yet transmit to your brain the crucial message that this person near you could make a good baby with you, genetically speaking. If it wasn't that, then it must have been something just as mysterious to have drawn me to Katrina.

When I first saw her in the coffee-break room it was no big deal. I was making an effort to introduce myself to all the nurses, since I would regularly depend on them in my work. She was just another one of them to cross off my list of those that I had already seen.

But right from the start, I found her intriguing. For one, she couldn't tell me exactly how long she had been working at Gottleib. I could understand that if she had been in her sixties, but she was a young woman, not more than twenty-five, so it couldn't have been that long ago. At the time, I just dismissed her vague answers as nothing significant. After a few occasions working together, my attraction grew until I finally asked her out on a date. However, it wasn't only my fascination with her that led me to approach her, but I needed to get a few things off my chest and she was the first person that came into my head when I thought of who I should confide to.

We had our date, but this only made the magnetism more potent. The restaurant had a romantic setting for sure, and the food was great, so we had a good atmosphere conducive to a little opening up about ourselves, but after I divulged practically my whole life history, she offered nothing about herself, saying she'd rather not talk about the past, though I sensed she had trouble recalling her life before working at the hospital. For some reason, this reminded me about the other topic I wanted to talk about - the strange nature of our work. I confessed to her my disapproval of the treatments the hospital carried out, this idea of emptying the mind and filling it up anew, and confessed my suspicions about the source of funding for these activities. I figured she might shed some insight on these matters.

At first she tried to defend the goings on at the hospital, thinking there was nothing nefarious about them, despite the strange practices the senior doctor was advocating. But when I pressed her, she did show some doubt. After some awkward moments, we dropped the subject and enjoyed our food, though the bond between us had already been formed.

Then there was that incident where I found Katrina on the floor at the mercy of an uncontrollable patient. I came to her aid and subdued the hysterical inmate, calming the woman down until she became docile. After that, even though I knew better, I asked Katrina out again for an outing at the park. It was there in the park that she started opening up; inevitably we ended up in my bed. I remember being totally possessed by my desire for her, as if by bottling it up and ignoring it for so long unleashed my feelings like a brimming dam releasing the waters of its swollen reservoir. Her unconditional surrender made me want to consume every inch of her and my mouth worked frantically over her skin, from feet to head, making a delicious meal of her body, nibbling every part of her and sucking her inside me. When we kissed, our tongues did all the talking, using the language of love, dancing with each other inside our hot wet mouths. Oh, and to plunge my engorged cock inside her beautiful pussy was heaven, as her velvety insides caressed and clenched my shaft. After several minutes of softly stroking her, my frenzied desire drove me to a near fury, and I found myself pounding her in a mad ecstasy of pleasure till I gave up the semen in my balls and my cock was vanquished, convulsing in spurts of defeat. During the subsequent pillow-talk, she still would not reveal anything about her past. I didn't press her and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

There followed a period where I got caught up in trying to ascertain where the funding was coming from to subsidize the hospital, as well as the origin of the of the types of treatment that I witnessed, and found out that all of it could be traced to a CIA mind control project. I'll admit it, I was scared. I avoided Katrina at work, thinking it best to distance myself from her. After a few weeks of that, I could see she was hurt, and one day she confronted me. Because I was still into her, and didn't like to see her in such distress for the wrong reasons, that is, thinking that I had rejected her, I broke down, reassuring her that I didn't regret starting something with her, but that I was preoccupied with other issues. I asked her for a second date at the same restaurant as before, and it was on that occasion that I told her all that I had found out. After that night, we wouldn't see each other for a while, as new developments forced us to separate.

One new development was a notice of termination. Apparently my nosing around had caught the attention of someone and they wanted me gone. The second development was the discovery of a patient's file: Katrina's file! This was the reason why she couldn't remember anything before working here - she had been the victim of mind control experiments. From what I could gather, Katrina was suffering from Dissociative Identify Disorder, what was once called Multiple Personalities. I thought it was only right that before I left the institute I should make a copy of the file and leave it in a sealed envelope on her desk.

The next few days were agonizing, as I waited for her to call me. Five days later she did. I bolted over to her place as she requested, but trying to explain her predicament to her was difficult, to say the least. I knew she needed time to digest what I had found out and my suggestions for treatment. Obviously she couldn't be left alone at this point, and we ended up once more at my apartment. And that's when the strangeness began.

I thought I heard a phone ringing in my sleep, a ringtone I didn't recognize. Then Katrina woke me up, except it wasn't Katrina. It was her body alright, but someone else was inside it. Someone named Anisa. She wanted to know about the treatment I proposed, and when I explained that I wanted to re-integrate all her alter-egos into one personality using hypnotherapy, this Anisa character seemed a bit upset, to the point where she mulled over whether she should kill me or not.

We both fell asleep warily, literally with one eye open, but it wasn't long before I was awoken again and I had some heavy sex with a woman I thought was Katrina, but I should have known by the way she behaved that this wasn't so. It wasn't the Anisa personality either. This woman was much more sexually aggressive and decadently uninhibited, begging me to fuck her harder, to take her from the rear and spank her while I was doing it. She drove me wild until I was a raging, snorting beast. When we were finished, she told me her name was Cherry. I couldn't take all this craziness. I wanted Katrina back. I remembered in the file that they had mentioned The Wizard of Oz as part of their programming, so I gave it a shot and said There's no place like home, and sure enough that was the trigger to call out Katrina.

Things were becoming clearer to me. But to Katrina, things were becoming fuzzier, and I had to explain things again. I told her that she was a Manchurian Candidate; that she had been hypnotized, tortured, and programmed by the CIA...that her mind had been fragmented into at least three personalities, maybe more. There was Katrina herself, the original 'host' personality. There was Cherry, a risk-taking, adventurous, carefree nymphomaniac. And there was Anisa, a programmed spy-assassin under the control of the security state, whether military or CIA I didn't know. The only hope was for us to find somewhere safe where I could hypnotize her, regress her into the past to find the source of her condition, and then reintegrate her into one whole human being.

Katrina was not the only nurse I became close to. After our first date, I ran into another nurse who was just as spooked out as I was about what was going on at the institute. Fearing for Katrina's welfare, I asked her to look out for her, and it was a damn good thing I did, because she observed that Katrina was now being treated as a patient scheduled for depatterning, that is to say, the emptying of her mind by drugs and electric shock, or brainwashing, if you choose to call it that.

Nurse Deborah Kravitz managed to smuggle Katrina out and took her to her place. It was a big risk, and I really appreciated Deborah's compassion in the matter. Debbie had only one hour off, so she had to get back to the hospital pronto. Unfortunately, while she was gone, something triggered out Cherry, who immediately began seducing Debbie's husband. When Debbie came back, she caught Cherry banging him. Despite the awkward moments that followed, Debbie gained an invaluable insight as to what had occurred - the tick tock sound of the grandfather clock in the corner was Cherry's trigger. And since I gave her Katrina's trigger, the line from the Wizard of Oz, Debbie used it at once to get Katrina back.

The three of us, Debbie, her husband, and myself, had conspired to bring Katrina to my friend's house, where I thought she would be safe. It was a rather complicated plot which involved an ad in the Pennysaver, and which I need not get into. In any case, we were both together in each other's arms almost immediately, and you can guess what happened next. I knew that the place we were in was not secure enough. The next step in my plan was to get her to my grandfather's house in Allenville, some fifty miles away. She took the train, but she never arrived. I waited two days for her, in vain. But then I got a phone call from Anisa.

She wouldn't tell me where she was, only that we should meet at a restaurant that I had suggested, around lunchtime. Shortly before I arrived, Anisa called again and told me to act like I had been stood up, which wasn't hard to do since that was what she intended to do to me anyway. She told me to order, eat, act annoyed at eating alone, and then leave and go in any direction I wanted. I had no idea what was on her mind. I exited the restaurant and walked left. She called me again, telling me to get lost within a shopping center, so I headed to the Maiden Avenue Mall.

The next thing I know she's grabbing my arm while I was strolling down an aisle in the Emporium Mart, the largest enterprise within the mall. She was acting desperate, leading me this way and that, tugging me along behind her as if I were an uncooperative child. She claimed we were being followed. I have to admit she was scaring me, and I found myself edging toward a state of denial. When she stole a car by holding the owner at gunpoint in the underground parking lot, her extreme behavior made me question whether this was reality or the manifestation of some delusion. And where did she get that gun?

Her actions after that did not exactly calm my nerves. We broke into a warehouse where she claimed we were to have a showdown with our pursuers. Lo and behold, she was right - an assault team descended upon us within hours, led by a mysterious General X! While I was shitting in my pants, Anisa, with a gun trained on General X from our hiding spot, managed to defuse the situation and the dark forces were made to leave. How she managed that is hard to believe, so I won't bother to go into details.

Needless to say, I was scared out of my wits and completely confused by this surreal situation. It was time to have a major rethink.



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