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Time Will Reveal by Natasha Brooks (Blog series from the upcoming book: Love Is Just A State of Mind) part 5

TITLE: Time Will Reveal (PART FIVE)

AUTHOR: Natasha Brooks

GENRE: Erotic Romance

ABOUT THE STORY: Time Will Reveal is part of the upcoming book: Love is Just a State of Mind (Desperate Housewives Stories of Love). Marie wanted to leave the confines of her little town and live a life filled with more fun, achievements and adventure. So she decided that a few months after her high school graduation she would hop onto a bus, landed in an entirely different city, attended college, started a business, married a man she didn’t love and had never for once looked back. That was until she received an invitation to attend her high school reunion This would stir up old memories from the past that she left behind. Would she rekindle a love with her old high school sweetheart Thomas? Only time will Reveal.



He carried her in his arms and slowly walked towards the door to his hotel room.

She hadn’t thought their interaction would lead them to a secluded space so fast but he hadn’t given her the room to breathe or think. Immediately he broke their kiss off, he had stared deeply into her eyes, then at the growing crowd inside the hall before muttering the words, “Do you think we should leave here before anyone realizes we are here?” Her heart had been pacing rapidly at the time. While his eyes kept her dazed, the desire she saw in them made her realize how much she wanted him. So, she had nodded slowly, allowing him to hold her hand and guide her back to the doors.

“I intended to stay a day before returning home.” He said. “My hotel room is just a five minute drive away.”

And that had been it. It had felt like a minute since they had both stepped into his car and had driven to the hotel. Marie didn’t keep track of what happened afterwards but she knew she was in his arms now and her breasts tingle with expectations while her entire body craved for the shove of his weight.

When he opened the door and stepped into the hotel room, she let her eyes quickly trail through the dimness of the room before settling on the bed at the Far East corner. Thomas quickly took her to it and slowly dropped her petite body on the neatly tucked sheet. He didn’t mutter a single word. He just knelt between her widely stretched legs and smashed his lips against hers again.

She let his tongue wiggle with hers. His lips tasted hers slowly at first before he let out a loud groan and hungrily began to nibble on her lower lip. “I have thought about this day for so long.” He whispered.

She had thought about it too but she was unable to express herself. He stopped kissing her lips and began to drop kisses along the length of her neck. When his hand dipped into her dress to cup her left breast, Marie let out a loud moan and clung to him. He slid the strands of her dress off her shoulders afterwards and let the light fabric slip down her body. Immediately, having access to her bra and panties, he tugged at them and got them out of the way too.

“Beautiful as always.” He said. “Always so beautiful and sexy.”

Nothing affected her more than the way his lips hungrily reached for her nipples. She buried her fingers into his hair and dragged him closer to her. He bit gently into her breasts, taking the cue that she wanted every bit of pleasure he could give her. Afterwards, his fingers began to trail the length of her sides before reaching for the space between her thighs. In an instant, his index and middle fingers began to caress her clitoris, rousing breathtaking desires inside of her.

“Oh Thomas!”

She was moaning and sighing at the same time. She had dreamt about his hands on her body for so long that it felt magical that it was eventually happening. When his fingers finally dipped into her pussy, her thighs shuddered violently while her heart paced rapidly than it already did.

“Fuck me as you have done in the past, Thomas.” She told him. “Make me climax like no one have made me cum since….”

The rest of the words that she had intended were unable to slip off her lips. A gasp escaped her lips instead as he quickly unzipped his pants, drew out his hard cock and quickly dipped its tip into her waiting cunt.

“Just like that?” He asked. “Is that how you want me to fuck you?”

She was speechless. All she could do was to nod her head rigorously as he pushed harder, shoving the entire length of his cock deep into her dripping wet cunt.

Make me remember everything about the past, she thought to herself. Make me love you once again. Make me feel like the adventurous teenager that I was, full of fun and life. And it was as if Thomas could read her thoughts. He began to move, ramming in and out of her while he muttered words of admirations…words that described the endless desire that he felt for her.

“You left me so many years ago, but I couldn’t stop loving you.” He said. “Even now, I can’t stop filling your entire hole with my cock.” “Don’t stop.” She told him. “Don’t stop doing both.”

With the way his thrust became more rapid, it was obvious he wouldn’t. He was already driving her towards a rippling orgasm and she could feel the walls of her cunt clenching in anticipation. Also, her heart became heavy with concerns about her marriage…about his…and the uncertainty about everything…nothing would be the same.

“I am cumming!”

Thomas’ announcement coincided with the second that an electrifying jolt coursed through Marie’s spine. Welcoming her own climax, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him towards her, getting his last thrust to dig deeper into her cunt.

Thomas let out a loud groan, gave his last thrust and fell atop of her. Marie on the other hand lost control of her entire body which shuddered calmly as she climaxed. She lost control of her breath though and began to gasp quietly through her mouth as Thomas slowly moved to sprawl beside her on the bed. “That was frigging amazing, Marie.” He grinned.

Before she could mutter a response to his words though, he raised his body so he could rest his head on his palm and gazed lovingly into her eyes.

“Come back to me, Marie.” He said. “My life has been incomplete without you. I am divorced now. You can be happy with me.”

Marie could only stare back into his eyes, confused beyond redemption. Her instincts had been right. Nothing was ever going to remain the same. Especially with her marriage.


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