Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Maré and Monica are the ultimate duo when it comes to pleasuring beautiful women. Dubbed the Best of Both Worlds, their pussy conquests are not only legendary, but epic! Adult film stars, glamour models and exotic beauties cannot get enough of the "Best of Both Worlds Experience" that leaves them trembling and writhing from the hot ecstasy that overwhelmed their luscious bodies. The King of New York and The Predator are the greatest when it comes to sex.

These 18 short stories tell the tale of this dynamic duo's greatest sexual conquests and how they bonded over the years with each venture. Illicit trysts, hot lesbian action and explicitly dirty encounters are all in this collection of champagne erotica where it feels like you're in an action-packed erotic motion picture starring "Nature Boy" Maré and Monica "The Predator" Hershel. The Best of Both Worlds!

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