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Friends With Benefits by Natasha Brooks

“Maybe if you were home more often you’d be able to keep me happy!” Natasha shouted at her husband, David.

She stormed upstairs to her bedroom. Natasha was shaking with anger. David was never at home. His business trips always came first. She looked at herself in the mirror, feeling a little embarrassed by her outburst, especially since they had a guest.

Greg, David’s best friend, was over for dinner. David thought it to be the ideal event to bring up his upcoming two-week business trip, probably expecting her to keep her composure.

He was sadly mistaken. “Are you okay?” a voice suddenly uttered from her doorway. Natasha spun around, startled. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to give you a fright.”

It was Greg. He seemed genuinely concerned.

“I’m fine, thanks,” Natasha said softly. He stepped forward, hugging her. She could smell his aftershave and could feel his heart beating against her chest. Natasha noticed her heart rate quickening as a tingling feeling went up her spine. She pulled back slowly and looked into Greg’s dark eyes. She’d always though he was a good-looking guy. But this time was different. For some inexplicable reason, she felt intense lust for him. Yearning for him to be inside her.

“Natasha…” he said, trailing off.

He moved his hands down to her ass, squeezing it softly. Natasha bit down on her bottom lip, still staring at him. She could feel the moisture building up between her legs. Her body was burning for him; her nipples growing harder and tighter by the second.

“Greg?” a voice called from downstairs.

Greg pulled away quickly.

“Ye… yeah, be right there,” he stuttered, jogging downstairs before it looked suspicious.

A few minutes later they were seated at the table and eating. Soft R&B classics was the only thing filling the air apart from the sounds of their utensils as they ate. Natasha glanced over at Greg. As he looked up, she looked away teasingly.

She couldn’t explain what had come over her. She opened her legs under the table and pushed her hips forward a little, feeling the soft chair pressing against the front of her lace panties. Natasha thought she was going to lose her mind.

The intense arousal was getting stronger by the second. She pushed her hips back before rolling it forward again, the friction making her even hornier than before. When David wasn’t looking, Natasha pushed her dessert spoon onto the floor.

“Ah,” she exclaimed with mock indignation.

“I’ll grab it,” Greg said, leaning down to pick it up. David hardly took any notice.

Natasha, pulled her black, knee-length skirt up to her waist, knowing Greg would glance her way under the table. Men are so predictable.

“Here you go,” Greg said, emerging from under the table, taking longer than he should have.

“Thanks,” Natasha said, smiling.

She could see Greg was red in the face. It was clear he sneaked a peak up her skirt. Just as she had intended.

“Thanks again for coming, Greg,” David said. “Sorry you had to witness that earlier.”

At that moment, David’s mobile phone started ringing. He glanced at the screen.

“Excuse me, I have to take this,” he said apologetically. Natasha rolled her eyes. It was nothing new.

“Hey, Pete… no, not a problem at all,” David said as he went upstairs to take the call in private.

“Did you like what you saw?” Natasha asked, almost brazenly. She could see Greg was already aroused. He looked at the stairs and could see that the bedroom door was closed.

“Natasha…” Greg said, trailing off again. “I want you to bend me over this table and ravage my tight, wet cunt,” Natasha whispered seductively.

He could hardly believe what she just said. Greg stood up and glanced at the stairs again. The bulge in his black pants was clearly visible. He walked around the table and pulled Natasha out of her chair. Greg lifted her blouse over her head before grabbing the bottom of her bra and pulling it up, allowing her big natural tits to spill out. “Holy fucking shit,” he said.

Greg crouched down, grabbing her breasts, wrapping his lips around her perfect areolae and sucking hard on her nipples.

“Ahhh,” Natasha moaned, closing her eyes and grabbing a handful of his black hair.

Jolts of electricity coursed through her body as she felt her nipples growing rock-hard inside his hungry mouth.

“I want you to eat my pussy,” she panted, pushing his head down and spreading her legs while leaning against the solid oak table with her ass. Greg grabbed the side of her white lacy thong, feeling the soaked panties between his fingers as he pulled it to one side revealing her wet, shaven cunt. He leaned forward, slipping his tongue between her swollen lips, sucking on her clitoris as it grew more erect and sensitive. Greg did what David was never willing to…

Natasha grabbed onto the table, keeping herself steady as she felt Greg’s tongue pushing deeper into her tight opening.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” she whispered, arching her back and keeping her eyes shut, bucking her hips.

Suddenly Greg stopped.

“Why?” she started.

“Turn around,” he instructed her.

Natasha turned her back towards Greg as he pushed her upper body down over the table. He stood between her legs, moving her feet apart with his.

“Greg, fuck me,” she begged, feeling the moisture trickling down her inner thighs as he held her down.

“Do you have a condom?” he panted.

“Fuck me without one,” Natasha insisted.

She could feel him parting her thighs, the tip of his cock squeezing between her engorged pussy lips.

“Shit,” she panted, feeling him stretch her tight hole wider than it had ever been stretched before. He must have been massive. She could feel the bulging veins around his cock as he inched himself inside of her.

“Ahhhhhh!” Natasha exclaimed as Greg dug his fingers into her thighs and thrust himself forward, forcing his entire erection deep into her aching pussy. He pulled himself out and shoved himself back in, harder and deeper this time. Natasha held onto the table as he fucked her harder and faster, ploughing his throbbing cock in and out of her as hard as he could. Greg continued fucking her until she felt a tingling throughout her burning body.

Natasha cried out as her body started convulsing uncontrollably. She shook and writhed as an intense orgasm ripped through her, sending her into a state of mindless ecstasy. Her nipples felt electrified and her pussy contracted hard around his cock as another orgasm tore through her.

At that moment, she could hear Greg grunting loudly.

“Shit!” he exclaimed, digging his fingers deeper into her hips.

Natasha could feel his massive cock pulsating deep inside her as he exploded, shooting a massive load of hot cum deep into her fertile womb. He continued ramming her, expelling every last drop deep inside her.

“Thanks, I’ll call you back tomorrow,” said a voice from upstairs as the bedroom door opened.

“Fuck,” Greg said, quickly pulling his bulging cock from Natasha’s ravaged pussy and pulling up his pants.

He returned to his seat as Natasha quickly tossed her bra under the table and pulled her blouse back on. She pulled her panties straight, pulled her skirt down and sat down. They were both panting and blood red with exertion. Her erect nipples were clearly visible through her blouse.

“Hey guys, sorry about that, let me get some more wine,” David said, fortunately not noticing their demeanor.

Natasha stared over at Greg as they both smiled in relief.

“Here you go,” David said, topping up their wine glasses.

Natasha could feel Greg’s cum leaking out of her pussy into her wet panties. She smiled at the thought, watching her husband finishing his dinner as she sat there with his best friend’s cum deep inside her.

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